Meet Allegiant! 
Allegiant came to the Liberty Nature Center in July 2014. She is now a part of our education collection. To read Allegiant's full story,
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"With Liberty and Wildlife for All!" 

Our facilities are located on 27 acres of rural land. They include: 

  • Wildlife Care Center - This 3,000+ square foot building includes 15 Bird mews, an ICU/Medical care area, a food prep area, and houses our main office.

  • ​​Gift Shop - Our gift shop offers guest the opportunity to take a piece of the Nature Center home with them all while supporting the wildlife here.  If you are interested in

  • Outdoor Rehabilitation Enclosures - In the Summers of 2014 and 2015, ten enclosures were built with Tater dog panels that can house our animal ambassadors who love staying in the great outdoors, as well as provide a space for rehabilitating wildlife as they readjust to life outdoors before being released.

  • Tarter Barn and Farm Yard - Containing state-of-the-art equipment, the new Barn was finished in the Summer of 2016 and has 5 stalls, some that can be converted into one large stall as necessary.  Currently housing our Farm Yard ambassadors, this space can also be used for large mammal rehabilitation if the need arises.  Much of the equipment and stall design were generously donated by the Tarter Farm & Ranch company.

  • Justice Shelter - Completed in Spring of 2015, this shelter has a stage for presentations and picnic tables for guests to eat on or relax at while they enjoy the beauty of the campus.  The Justice Shelter was named in honor of Justice, a rescued bald eagle that was successfully rehabilitated and released by Liberty Nature Center.

  • Lakota Nature Trail -​ Construction began in the Fall of 2015 on a system of trails on the LNC campus.  When completed, these trails will cover over 5 miles of fields and forest, and will twine around a spring-fed creek.  The trail will also have an outdoor presentation space and mews along the trails for special events so guests will be able to see the animal ambassadors in their natural habitats.

  • Storage Buildings - We have two metal storage buildings to help store some of our larger cages, perches, excess supplies, and other items.

  • Maintenance Barn - This barn holds all of the tools and supplies needed for maintenance.

  • Santi Fly Way - This new Fly Way will be about 120 feet long, 30 feet wide, and 16 feet high, and will have the capacity to contain as large a raptor as an eagle.  It will be used to increase the wing strength in our rehabilitated birds before they are released and will give them a better chance of survival.  Construction began in 2016 when the main posts were placed with generous help from South Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperative Company.

  • Nakomis Rain Garden - LNC received a Watershed Mini-Grant from the Kentucky Division of Water to build a new rain garden.  The Nakomis Rain Garden will help filter out pollution from roof-top runoff and from the Farm Yard, as well as work as an attractor for local area pollinators such as butterflies and birds.

  • Independence Hall - This new outdoor facility will allow Liberty Nature Center to continue to rehab raptors with limited and unlimited activity restrictions.  It will contain multiple rehab mews and a fly way, and will have 10 foot doors that a Polaris Ranger can drive through for large projects and changes to the rooms.

Future facilities include: 

  • Nature Center - Our hope for the future of Liberty Nature Center is that it will continue to grow in size and impact, both within the Somerset community and throughout the state of Kentucky.  As things progress, LNC plans to build an indoor facility that will be on site and open to the general public year round.

If you would like to help us make these dreams a reality,

please look under the How To Help tab for ways to donate!

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