Meet Allegiant! 
Allegiant came to the Liberty Nature Center in July 2014. She is now a part of our education collection. To read Allegiant's full story,
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As a newer organization, Liberty Nature Center is a large facility with a small staff and so much of the day-to-day work is completed with the help of our volunteer team.  However, this team is mostly high school students, so during the busy season of summer when more tasks are added to the to-do list every day, we need a team of young and motivated college students to help make this organization successful. The team will consist of members from different backgrounds who will accomplish tasks such as: assisting in the daily cleaning, feeding, and training of our raptors and animal ambassadors, helping with the running of our Kids Club program, mentoring the high school volunteers, participating in educational presentations, and working at our summer fundraising events.

In most workplaces, it takes a team to accomplish a task, especially large projects such as developing a state-of-the-art nature center. Therefore, regardless of educational backgrounds, all interns should expect some work and contributions in areas they are familiar with but be ready to assist in tasks and projects outside of their normal comfort zone, working together as a team towards the betterment of the organization.

While this is an unpaid internship, housing opportunities are available and enough free time will be provided for you to comfortably work a part-time job if you choose to pursue such. This experience will challenge the average mind to think outside the box in a real-world situation. Rather than performing tasks that are laid out in step-by-step format, interns should expect to figure out solutions to tasks given to them. Therefore, we will be happy to work with your school so you can obtain credit for the experience.

In addition to this short description, potential applicants should thoroughly read through the complete job description and the Intern Handbook found to the left before filling out an application.

Looking for a internship? Liberty Nature Center is now offering internships to college students during 2019. Accepted interns should expect an immersive and hands on experience as they take leadership roles at one of the foremost wildlife centers in Kentucky. Our internship program features a 16-week schedule that will cover a wide spectrum of activities and assignments.

We are currently looking for motivated and hard-working college students to join our 2019 Internship team! 

 Internship Program