Meet Allegiant! 
Allegiant came to the Liberty Nature Center in July 2014. She is now a part of our education collection. To read Allegiant's full story,
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Club 10 is a group of donors who pledge to donate $10 per month. For ONLY $10 a month, you can join the club. You can set it up so that your $10 donation comes out automatically each month or you can donate each month manually.

Club 10 requires NO commitment. If you want to opt out of a donation for a month, that's OKAY! You can re-join at anytime if you wish. If we can get 50 people to join the club, then together we can raise $500 dollars per month!

Club 10 donors will receive: 

  • A newsletter & pictures of what the month's donations were used for. 
  • A tax-deduction receipt each month. 
  • A t-shirt for participating in the club once you have been a member for 12 months

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