Meet Allegiant! 
Allegiant came to the Liberty Nature Center in July 2014. She is now a part of our education collection. To read Allegiant's full story,
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"With Liberty and Wildlife for All!" 

The Liberty Nature Center is proud to be a leading wildlife rehabilitation and education center in Kentucky. Located in the heart of the Lake Cumberland Region, this 27-Acre facility offers sick and injured wildlife a second chance at life, provides local students with unique hands on experience, and delivers innovative educational opportunities for our community. The Liberty Nature Center operates as a not-for-profit organization and relies on the generous support of private donors and the hard work of over 25 volunteers. 

The center's wildlife rehabilitation program sees over 100 animals a year that come in to the center sick, injured, or orphaned. For most of the animals, the center provides top notch medical care that leads to successful releases back into the wild. Unfortunately, some animals have permanent conditions that would prohibit their survival in the wild. For these animals, the center provides a safe haven so the animals can live a full and healthy life. 

The animals that cannot be released are either transferred to other facilities for education or kept on sight and used in our education programs. We have over 20 permanent residents that serve as ambassadors to their wild counterparts. These residents, referred to as our education collection, travel the state of Kentucky and participate in entertaining programs that teach over 10,00 people a year about the importance of wildlife conservation. 

In order to care for the education collection and rehabilitation animals, we rely on middle and high school student volunteers. By participating in the program, the students gain valuable hands-on experience in fields including wildlife rehabilitation, animal care, non-profit administration, marketing, biology, and more! ​​

        The Liberty Nature Center will strive  to: 

  • Offer Top Notch Care to injured wildlife and provide permanent care for those animals that cannot be released into the wild. 
  • Prepare students for college and the workforce by continually offering programs for professional development and hands on experience in as many areas as possible. 
  • Offer a fun filled, educational facility with immersive &  hands on exhibits, thus prompting community & leadership development and education. ​
  • Take any opportunity it is given to grow as an organization and serve the Lake Cumberland Region & the state of Kentucky. 

Our Vision:

Our Mission:

To enhance the lives of citizens by promoting wildlife conservation through environmental education. 

About The Liberty Nature Center